Permaculture: A designers’ Manual by Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison’s Permaculture designers’ Manual is definitely the best design book which provides teachers, students and designers the main framework in a simple, flexible and comprehensive way that to this day best Permaculture designers and experts continuously refers to it in their own practices and consultations. There is simply nothing like it that it should be the first design book for any serious permaculture new comers.The permaculture “Bible”, Bill Mollison’s Permaculture – A Designers’ Manual. the main textbook for permaculture designer certificate taught by almost all the permaculture experts and one of their main references all the time.

Permaculture concept is about the caring of the earth (soil , forest and water) caring of people as a community living in harmony with all nature resources which is the main idea of the book in the same time reducing the over consumption of those resources. The book covers different disciplines on a huge range of topics with an incredible amount of information that we cannot cover in such a review. Permaculture is not a new concept and this is suggested in the introduction of the book “Perhaps we should do nothing else for the next century but apply our knowledge. We already know how to build, maintain and inhabit sustainable systems, but in everyday life of people this is hardly apparent.”

There is a wrong believe that we are always seeking new information, solutions or technologies to help us advance in our lives while forgetting to apply our ancient knowledge used for thousands of years more over not admitting being guilty of what how we acted to solve our problems in the corporate world or in society. Bill Mollison criticizes the destruction of our ecosystems stating that we already destroyed our energy producing systems and replaced it with our own energy consuming energy system

The book is full of useful and practical advice with solutions for water purification to water conservation from productive system design in any climate. with strategies to increase yields, structuring soil and improving it to how different soils affect building and more incredible information about trees and forests with different designs and theories and patterns. At the end of the book Mollison talks about the fact of an alternative solution already exist since thousands of years that the actual greedy society is not considering.

Permaculture: A designers’ Manual Modules are the following: